December 3, 2013 (Off to Tahiti)


Well, I guess you never thought you’d get a blog from us this soon. Surprise, surprise… I’m starting off already. Not too much to say other than we are currently ensconced in the Air Tahiti Nui Lounge, two and half hours before take-off. We dropped off the car at Beverly Glen, in front of Jeannot’s car, and spend a few minutes with him catching up on how directlng “Castle” was going, although he is only in prep at the moment. Then we caught a cab to the airport which Sara told us to allow 30 minutes at a minimum but perhaps 45 to be safe. Well, we didn’t plan on having Sterling Moss as our driver, however, we arrive at the airport in 15 minutes. So, now here in the lounge and will send some pictures of the traveling couple.

Until the next blog at Moorea….



Dec 4, 2013 (Arriving in Tahiti – Part One)


We climbed on the plane around eleven o’clock and took off about eleven thirty. I attempted to saturate myself with some red wine in the Lounge, thus my first request to the stewardess was for a blanket. Once airborne I put my chair in the sleep mode, kissed my lovely wife goodnight and headed into the land of “nod”.

It was a restless night of strange dreams but finally woke up around five in the morning for some fruit and yogurt, orange juice and some coffee. By six a.m. we were on the ground at Papeete and awaiting our eight a.m. catamaran ride to Moorea. Not having forgotten my previous Blog oath, “that a picture is worth a thousand words”, I will include a few shots of arriving, leaving for Moorea, our bungalow, inside and out, me sending a blog and a lovely lunch on the beach.

After arriving in Moorea, we were bused to the Hilton Moorea hotel which includes both garden and over the water bungalows. We chose the over the water bungalows so will let you know if our decision was the right one.

Will follow this up with Part Two

Regards from Moorea….



December 4, 2013 (Arriving in Tahiti – Part Two)


You may have guessed that I am having trouble sending out the Blogs. I’m not sure why and I can’t contact Yahoo or Verizon to get an answer. Some of you received my Part One, others didn’t. I’ve resent it a few minutes ago and thus far it hasn’t come back Mailer-Daemon, Undeliverable. I’ll keep this brief as I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to get to the bottom of this problem.

The last photo I sent this morning was the outside of our bungalow. I’ll add a few photos of the interior which is very nice. Also, a couple of shots of us at lunch. Tonight we are off for a Tahitian dinner here at the hotel and I’m hoping to grab a few shot of the dancers, etc.

I hope this goes through…

LOL Bobby


December 6, 2013 (Last Day in Moorea)


I’m beginning to have some doubt if any of you are receiving my blogs. I’ve heard from some of you with mixed results. Some say they receive the blog but not the photos So, I’m not sure what is happening and I do apologize for if you aren’t receiving the photos because they are most interesting. Not that I’m any great photographer with a “point and shot” camera, but it is hard to go wrong when shooting on a tropical island.

Last night we went to the “crepe restaurant” here and we both agreed it was very disappointing. We did see some sharks than swam in at night attracted by the lights under the restaurant. I’ll attach a couple of shots, nothing to exciting. Also, I mentioned about the “Coral nursery” and I did shot a couple shots of the beds they lay out. Hopefully it will make some sense.

Had a ‘so..so..” dinner tonight at the restaurant. The most exciting thing was a thunderstorm that moved everybody inside due to the torrential rain. However, the Pino Noir and Cabernet helped make the evening a success.

Tomorrow we leave to go back to Papeete and board the “Paul Gauguin”. From all indications, it appears we will have a wonderful cruise. I’m not sure what the WiFi situation will be but I expect we will be able to keep in touch and send “happy snaps” to your all. I hope we are not boring you with these pictures, etc.

Theresa, I’m not sure why you are not getting the photos…!!!

Lot of love, Bobby