Summer 2016


In two weeks the odyssey begins. This may be our last gasp at multiple locations during the summer. This individual who has lasted eight decades may not have the energy to attempt anything similar in the future. Somehow, if I can convince my better half that an occasional cruise where one hangs his clothes up only once, may be the answer. Sadly, when it comes to cruising I spoiled her by having our first cruise on the “Paul Gaugin” which was fantastic and touched upon the wonderful islands around Tahiti. I will do my best, both verbally and photographically to include you in our travels and hope that as a result, you will share this wonderful summer with the both of us. Life often times doesn’t deal all of us a good hand, so knowing you won’t be on this trip with us, please enjoy it vicariously and know that both of us wish that each and every day of our trip we wish we could be able click glasses with you on a daily basis.