First BlogWell, I guess you never thought you’d get a blog from us this soon. Surprise, surprise… I’m starting off already. Not too much to say other than we are currently ensconced in the Air Tahiti Nui Lounge, two and half hours before take-off. We dropped off the car at Beverly Glen, in front of Jeannot’s car, and spend a few minutes with him catching up on how directlng “Castle” was going, although he is only in prep at the moment. Then we caught a cab to the airport which Sara told us to allow 30 minutes at a minimum but perhaps 45 to be safe. Well, we didn’t plan on having Sterling Moss as our driver, however, we arrive at the airport in 15 minutes. So, now here in the lounge and will send some pictures of the traveling couple.

Until the next blog at Moorea….