Nelson, NZ

We landed in Nelson around 12:30 pm on Sunday and were met by a bright sunny day.  A quick trip to Hertz and we were off in our huge SUV heading for our hotel, driving on the wrong side of the street.   Jill was our designated driver, who handled the task brilliantly.  

Once checked in to the hotel, we went for a quick walk around town.  Jill and Bruce found a ‘bottle shop’ and picked up some libations for our cocktail hour.   All in all, it was a quiet afternoon.  I’ll include a few shots of the town.  Also, when we were in Christchurch we did that train trip to Arthur’s Pass and Bruce and Jill sent me a photo of Ann and I on the train, which I’ll throw in as well. 

On Monday we then walked around town and visited a Provincial Museum, which contained a lot of early history of Nelson plus a lot of information about the Maoiri people.  There is a strong movement to keep the language alive as a lot of signs in the city are in both English and Maoiri.

Didn’t take any pictures in the museum with the exception of two silly one’s of Annie and myself.  Embarrassingly, I will include them.