Final from Australia/New Zealand

Still 30,000 feet over Tasman Sea

We are still an hour away from Sydney and expected to land sometime around 5:35 pm.  We’re staying at an airport hotel so it will be a quiet night in Sydney that will probably consist of dinner at the hotel, then up to the room to finish and get the two blogs sent off.  Then up early tomorrow for a 10:15 am flight to Los Angeles.  

A comment about WW 1 – N & O.  The Tank you see is actually over a German trench, which is WW 1 – N.  You also may have noticed in WW I –Q that the wing of the plane and the gun beneath are painted in bright colors.  You’d think they would stand out.  Remember, during the First World War, all photography was black and white.  So the colors would be muted and be various shades of grey.  

So, signing off on #35 -1 & 2.  I hope you enjoyed sharing our trip to Australia and New Zealand.  I heard from a few of you and all the comments were positive.  

Our next journey will be to England in June of 2019 and will include golf there and golf in Spain.  Then it is off to Barcelona and a Viking Cruise Ship for visits to the South of France, Italy, Dubrovnik, Split on the Dalmatian Coast and finally Venice.  The a flight back to the UK for a few days and then back to the desert. 

Good-bye from Sydney… and very soon, hello Rancho Mirage.