Abel Tasman National Park

On Friday we were up early and headed the SUV toward the town of Kaiteriteri where we would board our Sea Shuttle to navigate the Coastline of the Abel Tasman National Park to Awaroa Beach with some beach stops along the way.  On our way to Awaroa a crewmember pointed out some interesting sites, including the most photographed rock in New Zealand.

After a few stops at various beaches we arrived at Awaroa Beach headed inland 300 meters to the Awaroa Lodge and Café.  By then it was a little after twelve noon so we ordered some lunch.  Our goal was to cross a low mountain range and get to Tonga Quarry where the last boat pick-up was 3:15 pm.  The distance between Awaroa and Tonga Quarry is listed as 4.7 kilometers, which is just under three miles.  They indicate that the distance can be made in one and three quarter’s hours.  We finished lunch and took off just after 1:00 pm, but due to the terrain, it took me two hours.  As I arrived at the beach, the pick-up boat was just docking.  He was actually 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  I think the reason I was over the suggested walk time was that during the uphill climbs, I had to stop and catch my breath.

The walk through the forest was beautiful with an abundance of trees and ferns.  When we finally arrived at a beach it just happened to be the longest beach in the park.  Also, Tonga Quarry Beach was 20 minutes further and back into the forest for another hilly climb.  

It was great when we finally reached the Quarry beach an especially in seeing out pick-up boat just pulling in.  Our trip back was a little longer as one couple decided to go to a different beach for pick-up and we waited about 20 minutes at the beach they were suppose to be at.

It was an enjoyable day but nice to get back to the hotel.  I do have a number of happy snaps, so will send a separate e-mail with more photos.